What You Should Look Out For When Buying A House In Rochester

Buying a house is an exciting time but can also be nerve racking. At times, some buyers let their emotions get the best of them and overlook some extremely important things while buying a house. Each and every year, working as one of the top real estate agents in Rochester NY, I have the pleasure of helping dozens of families … Read More

4 Tips for Selecting a Cryogenic Moving Service

Lab managers, professors, and many other professionals rely on long distance cryogenic moving services to safeguard and efficiently transport their sensitive items. It is best to put in some time and effort to find a quality moving company that has a long record of safety, efficiency, and attention to detail. However, for some, this is a challenge that is easier … Read More

Twas The Night Before Moving Day

Twas the night before moving day and all through our home, everything had been packed right down to the last comb. The moving truck would be coming the next day we were told, I still can’t believe that our house finally sold! The kids are all saddened to be leaving their friends, but we know there will be more when … Read More

Rochester, NY Storage – The Definitive Guide For Your Items

Got questions about using a storage facility in Brockport or Rochester? We’ve got answers. At Champion Moving & Storage, we’re not just a Rochester moving company. We also offer storage. This guide full of tips will make storing your possessions a little easier. If you want to jump ahead to other sections here they are: Why Rent a Storage Unit … Read More

Cheap Movers in Rochester, NY – You’ve Been Warned

Good news/bad news time. The good news: you just found cheap movers in Rochester, NY. Your moving problems are solved! The bad news: you just found cheap movers in Rochester, NY. Your moving problems might just be starting! Hiring a moving company in Rochester because they’re the cheapest – especially if the price seems really low – isn’t the best … Read More

Where to Donate Goods in Rochester, NY

The simple fact that you are moving should not mean that all your old possessions no longer have any use. If you are hiring a moving company in Rochester why would you want to pay them for moving items you no longer need.  You should also donate possible foods and order takeout while unpacking.  The items you have could help … Read More

Must Try Take Out and Delivery Restaurants in Rochester NY

  You have just moved into your new home. paid your Rochester movers, and boy are you hungry.  You could always put down the boxes and go make dinner in your new kitchen.  Do you feel like cooking and cleaning right now though?  Probably not.  It might be a better idea for you to check out the local fare and … Read More

Rochester, New York: the City at a Glance

Thinking of moving to Rochester? In addition to hiring a local moving company in Rochester, you also want to familiarize yourself with the local region. Rochester, New York is known as “the Flower City” by its locals.  It is home to hundreds of thousands of American citizens and international travelers, and filled with a whole host of professionals, artists, and … Read More

7 Crucial Tips For Moving In The Summer in Rochester, NY

Unless you’re a professional mover, or you decide to start a moving company in your downtime, then we know you don’t look forward to moving day. And as if moving day wasn’t stressful enough as is, moving in the summertime can be even more challenging. Dealing with the sweltering humidity and high temperatures, avoiding sudden rain showers, huffing and puffing … Read More

Important Questions: Can I Ask My Friends To Help Me Move?

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they have to look in the mirror and ask one important question — “Am I too old to ask my friends to help me move?” We promise, we aren’t judging you. Besides, the truth is, only you (and your poor, poor friends) know the answer to that question. Some people just … Read More