Where to Donate Goods in Rochester, NY

The simple fact that you are moving should not mean that all your old possessions no longer have any use. If you are hiring a moving company in Rochester why would you want to pay them for moving items you no longer need.  You should also donate possible foods and order takeout while unpacking.  The items you have could help someone else in need, or at the very least help you feel better about how much junk you have.  In order to make sure your possessions have a long and fruitful life after you let them go, you have to know where you can donate your goods within the city Rochester.

The Open Door Mission

This place claims to be in the business of restoring hope and changing lives in the Rochester, NY area.  Open every single weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Open Door Mission accepts donations of household goods, furniture, non-perishable food items, clothing, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and educational materials. The center is located over at 156 Plymouth Avenue and the volunteers are always happy to help locals get what they need or give back to the community.  As a Christian Rescue Mission, the Open Door Mission makes an effort to not discriminate against any other denominations.

Planet Aid

A revolutionary new way to share your unwanted items with a world full of willing citizens has arrived and it is called Planet Aid.  This donation option involves the use of potable bins that are designed to house shoes and clothes people no longer want.  When you are sorting through your closet after a big move and find that you have too many clothes for your new closet don’t just throw everything away.  Planet Aid offers a convenient tool which helps Rochester area citizens find a bin near them, and the non-profit organization will haul the donations away when the bins are full to divvy up the items among other local donation centers and charities.

The Ronald McDonald House

As one of the most popular charities in the world, the Ronald McDonald House continually accepts a number of different donations, both monetary and material.  The charity is designed to help sick children and their families during costly medical care, which is why many people choose to donate their unwanted toys, blankets, clothes, and entertainment products. The Rochester, NY Ronald McDonald House is located conveniently at 333 Westmoreland Drive, but the hours are a little wonky.  If you want to donate your items to this place, it might be a good idea to call ahead and see what sort of donations they need.


As one of the longest standing donation and shopping centers in the country, Goodwill is still one of the best places to drop off your unwanted items.  In fact, the community conscious company’s new approach now includes donation pick-ups on location.  Goodwill accepts everything from household furniture and toys to clothes and cookware.  In fact, volunteers and employees of the popular chain are the ones who sort items, not you. The Rochester, NY area is home to numerous Goodwill locations, with the main store located at 376 Jefferson Road.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rochester, NY is always in need to your kind donations, especially if you were going to throw the items out anyway.  The organization accepts clothing and household goods mostly, but their wish list is ever-changing.  Their main mission involves mentoring young male and female children through fostering positive relationships with responsible role models.  So, anything you have lying around your new house that you think would help the cause might be perfect for your donations box.