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When is the best time to move in Rochester, NY?

While the rest of the world would typically suggest moving in summer, we at Champion Moving disagree. Sure, moving in the summer provides typically more pleasant weather conditions but it is also the most busy season of all. Summer is not only the busy season for moving companies, but it’s an especially busy time for families with kids who are likely engaged in a variety of sports activities, camps, and play dates that interfere with packing and organizing. We recommend that you plan your move in late spring. April – June is when the weather in Rochester becomes more mild and is not typically humid yet. In addition, your life is usually more structured, meaning that you have a schedule worked out and you know  when you will have ‘free time’ for packing, organizing and preparing for a move. Not to mention, your spring cleaning can spring your move ahead of the many others who will move in summer.

How early should I contact movers?

Amidst all of your Rochester mover requirements, you need to allot for enough time to hire a moving company. Since Rochester is not a large city, the wait is not nearly as bad as a Seattle or Boston move would be. You can get away with hiring a mover a month to two weeks prior to the move. But, we recommend contacting movers a month in advance so that you have more options to choose the day you wish to move.

What does a mover’s license mean? 

Three types of mover’s licenses exist: local, long-distance, and international. We are certified with the New York State Department of Transportation for local moves meaning that we adhere to certain pricing, weight standards and safety measures. We are also certified with the US Department of Transportation for interstate, long-distance moves. Additionally, we have a motor carrier license so that we are authorized to transport boats, cars and much more. Here are our license numbers to verify our licenses:

NYS DOT #11083
US DOT #070851
Motor Carrier #15735

How long do moves take?

Everything about a move depends on two factors – distance between homes and size of the move. We carefully take into account both of those things when performing a Rochester move. The size of your home and the amount of boxes, items, and furniture effect the length of your move. We follow a detailed inventory process that lists the number of rooms, approximate number of boxes and decides how many hands are necessary to execute your move efficiently. Local moves within Rochester will likely take half a day. Long distance moves can take up to several days to complete.

Do you do anything special to ensure no damage to furniture?

We are glad you asked! We have carefully studied and identified the best packing methods possible. We go to extra lengths to wrap difficult pieces, and carefully prepare all furniture before we load it onto the truck. We use specialty boxes and packing materials as well as padded packing blankets and furniture pads to place around furniture for protection.