Important Questions: Can I Ask My Friends To Help Me Move?

There comes a time in every adult’s life when they have to look in the mirror and ask one important question — “Am I too old to ask my friends to help me move?” We promise, we aren’t judging you. Besides, the truth is, only you (and your poor, poor friends) know the answer to that question. Some people just assume they can’t afford a moving service, without even getting a free quote online. Or maybe you’re a broke college student trying to save your money for next semester’s books.

Sooner or later, every man and women has to make a choice: should I ask my friends to help me move? What is the garbage plate to really-big-favor exchange rate? Will Kyle let me use his truck if I promise to buy him pizza? Ugh, will I have to start hanging out with Kyle again if he says yes?

If you’re on the fence about hiring cheap Rochester movers or hitting up your friends, then here is our guide for perplexed movers in Flower City…

Am I Too Old To Ask My Friends To Help Me Move?

Are you in college or moving into your first apartment? Then you might still be in the Get My Friends To Help And Pay Them Back Later side of the continental age divide. If not, well, no one has to know. Except your friends. They’ll know. Because you’re asking them to move all your furniture in the humid Rochester summer or freezing Rochester winter, and it’s hard to forget a thing like that. So what to do? To Do-It-Yourself, or To Not-Do-It-Yourself?
If you’ve ever helped a friend move, or if you’re the one with the truck perpetually doing favors for friends, then you should feel absolutely no shame in cashing in that IOU ASAP. In fact, that’s a really good rule of thumb in general: if your friends asked you to help them move, would you say yes?
If the answer is yes, and you should really be sure about that, then they might not mind helping you. But be warned — if you ask your friends to help you move into your new apartment or house — will you be willing to help them when their next moving day rolls around? If not…

Don’t Assume You Can’t Afford Local Rochester Movers & Apartment Movers

Most people are surprised to find out that local moving services aren’t out of their price range at all. And since most moving companies have their own fleet of trucks, you can spend the money you would normally spend renting a truck and hire Rochester apartment movers instead. Just don’t forget to factor a tip into your budget, if applicable.

How To Convince Your Friends To Help You Move?

Unless you have the greatest friends in the world, they probably will expect to be paid in the form of A-Really-Big-Favor. Unfortunately, the Pizza-to-Friend-Hour exchange rate fluctuates wildly year over year, depending on both the quality of the toppings and the Local Friendship Market Index. Of course, you can always try the old standby for getting friends to help you move: free beer (not instead of pizza, in addition to). And if you’re still in college, offer your friends a six pack of soda pop or juice boxes or whatever the Cool Teenz are into these days.

If You Do Ask Your Friends Fill In For Local Movers In Rochester, NY…

Just because your friends agree to help you move, that doesn’t mean they should have to do all the work. Have a plan for moving day, then stick to it. Before your friends show up, make sure you have all the boxes and packing supplies you need. Pack all your belongings and clothes into boxes before they arrive. There’s no reason to waste your friends’ goodwill by asking them to move small items and boxes you could have easilly handled yourself.

Remember: When your friends arrive on moving day, everything should be boxed up and ready to go.

Also, make sure you can move out of your old place and into your new place on the same day. Convincing your friends to help you move once is hard enough, getting them to help out twice might be impossible. Lastly, don’t just assume you can’t afford a local Rochester moving company to help out on moving day. Most moving services have options just for students and Flower City apartment dwellers.