Antiques Movers Rochester NYThat family heirloom is just too valuable to throw on the moving truck without giving it extra care and attention. You don’t want to risk it getting damaged, scratched, chipped or broken in any way along the trip. That is why it is imperative that you contact professionals to handle the relocation of your valuable antiques.

What makes antiques so valuable is how they have lasted through time. Nothing gets named “antique” if it is only a year or two old. No, antiques earn their name from years, decades, and centuries of providing beauty and sentimental worth that is unmatched. You cannot take the responsibility of moving your antiques lightly. Careful measures must be taken.

Our Team of Professional Antique Movers in Rochester, NY Know what Careful Measures to Take

Whether you are moving across the street in Rochester, NY or across the country, Champion Moving has a team of dedicated movers who will go the extra mile to insure the safety of your precious belongings. We won’t just treat the piece like any other piece of furniture. We will take the time to weigh it, measure it, assess it’s durability and formulate a wrapping and loading plan based off of our assessment. Each antique is unique, so it needs to be uniquely wrapped and cared for even in a move. Champion Movers can offer you this careful antique care that other moving companies overlook.

Know Your Antiques are Safe with Us

Don’t take our word for it. Let our affiliations and certifications demonstrate our commitment to providing outstanding moving service.


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