Must Try Take Out and Delivery Restaurants in Rochester NY


You have just moved into your new home. paid your Rochester movers, and boy are you hungry.  You could always put down the boxes and go make dinner in your new kitchen.  Do you feel like cooking and cleaning right now though?  Probably not.  It might be a better idea for you to check out the local fare and find a place that offers take-out or delivery.  After all, you’re going to have to see what Rochester, NY is all about eventually anyway. When you are ready to fill up your belly while still chipping away at that mound of moving boxes, give one of the following restaurants a try.

L.J.’s Take-Out and Restaurant

All the locals of Rochester, NY know about famous L.J.’s and the majority of people love their food.  This dining establishment offers up mouthwatering fare at inexpensive prices and is open nearly every day.  Located down at 360 Thurston Street, the restaurant thrives as a central hub of fast cuisine and relaxed dining.  The menu features a number of delectable treats from sandwiches and salads to fountain sodas and desserts and orders are typically ready at lightning speeds.

Sol Burrito

In the mood for something a little on the spicy side?  Allow Sol Burrito to quench your craving.  Their authentic Mexican cuisine is quite popular among locals and travelers alike. Their menu includes more than just burritos though.  The restaurant serves up a variety of tacos, salads, and other Mexican-inspired entrees. Take-out is always available, and getting to the location at 521 Monroe Street is not difficult at all, even if you’re not from the area. All sauces are made in-house and the most coveted one is the golden chipotle hot sauce. The establishment has won numerous awards for its fantastic food and continues to be a local favorite to this day.

Astoria Greek Cuisine

While you are headed to Monroe Street, be sure to stop and check out Astoria Greek Cuisine.  It is located at 651, nestled snuggly around other just as good restaurants.  The thing that sets this place apart is easy to see: it offers unique plates of food and allows you to call ahead and pick up your order.  Astoria Greek Cuisine’s most famous dishes are their gyros and tzatziki but everything on their menu is considered delicious. Prices are surprisingly low as well, and delivery is always available as long as the kitchen is open, which is typically until about 10:30 p.m.

Great Win Chinese Restaurant

If you have a hankering for something a little more exotic, you might want to consider Great Win Chinese Restaurant.  This establishment offers a variety of Chinese favorites and some American dishes as well. Located at 2022 East Ridge Road, this place offers both take-out and delivery to all customers and their prices are exceedingly affordable.  Instead of stopping in your tracks while you unpack all your belongings, it may be a better idea to just let one of the local restaurants cater to you.  Great Win Chinese Restaurant is open late until 11 p.m. and although it cannot be considered a pretentious fine dining establishment, the food you get will most likely impress you.

There are few things worse than being too busy to eat.  Moving can create a lot of chaos in your life, but it doesn’t have to mean you end up skipping lunch or dinner.  You live in Rochester, NY now.  That means something to eat is nearly always available.  So stop allowing your stomach to growl with hunger pangs and start picking up the phone to order take-out or delivery.