Now Hiring: Frontier Adds 450 Jobs In Rochester

One of Rochester’s Top 20 employers is bringing even more jobs to the city this summer.

Frontier Communication Corp. recently purchased $10 billion of assets from Verizon, including landlines in California, Florida, and Texas. And because of that sale, this spring the company announced that it will deliver up to 350 more middle class jobs to the Rochester area. Not only that, but the news follows a similar announcement in October, when Frontier added 100 new tech-support jobs in the city.

Frontier already operates a call center in Henrietta, which will be expanded over the next few years to make room for the new employees. Frontier Senior Vice President David Frezza says they will mostly be “technical” positions with an average salary of more than $38,000 a year (plus benefits). The new workers will help customers with their internet service, and the new jobs will help Rochester’s booming economy kick into high gear. We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed a lot more “Now Hiring” signs posted in windows around the city lately.

Unemployment Rate in Rochester Keeps Falling in 2015

During the “Great Recession,” unemployment in Rochester peaked at 8.4%, but has since fallen to 5.2% as of April 2015, when Frontier announced their big news. That’s lower than the unemployment rate in both the country (5.4%) and state of New York (5.7%). Even better: local economists say that number should continue to drop. Of course, after the downsizing of the company who shall not be named (Hint: rhymes with Kojak), Rochester is more than ready to welcome back skilled job openings.

David Frezza said that Rochester’s highly educated labor pool and the city’s tax incentives helped seal the deal. Fortunately for the Flower City, Frontier chose the Upstate over competing locations in Florida and Texas. So how did city leaders help win the new jobs? The County of Monroe offered more than $330,000 in tax breaks for the call center expansion in Henrietta.

Moving to Rochester? Don’t Get Left in the Cold…

And if there are any Frontier employees making the move to the Upstate, we would be thrilled to help welcome you to the city we love. If you or anyone you know needs advice about moving to Rochester, check out our FAQ for helpful hints about moving here in the humid summer or chilly winter. Rochester has tons to offer both long-time natives and first-time visitors.

Unfortunately, Frontier’s employees might not have time to take full advantage of the local Festival Season. Frontier’s David Frezza says he hopes to have the expanded call center online and taking calls by the summer.

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