Rochester, New York: the City at a Glance

Thinking of moving to Rochester? In addition to hiring a local moving company in Rochester, you also want to familiarize yourself with the local region.

Rochester, New York is known as “the Flower City” by its locals.  It is home to hundreds of thousands of American citizens and international travelers, and filled with a whole host of professionals, artists, and free spirits.  Located in Monroe County, it is just a few miles south of the beautiful Lake Ontario.  Its heavily populated streets are lined with people who come from diverse backgrounds, and with a population of over 210,000 Rochester is one of the top three largest cities in the state of New York.  Situated just perfectly between city life and country landscaping, Rochester has remained a great place to live since it was founded.

Overview of Rochester, NY

Boomtowns used to be all over the place, and Rochester, NY was one of the very first.  Back in 1811 when the city was founded there were only a handful of citizens.  With a few short years, the area was filled with thousands of up-and-coming young minds and that has been the case ever since.  Rochester, NY is now home to University of Rochester (UR) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RTI), and the city leads the country as an international hub for higher education in the medical and technological fields.

In addition, the city itself is internationally renowned for its diverse and in-depth research and development programs.  Its population is replete with budding geniuses who have recently introduced new inventions and innovations to the world, including the births of the corporations Xerox, Bausch and Lomb, and Kodak to name a few.  Due to its continual growth, Rochester, NY is quickly becoming one of the hottest places for people to move and live.

Reasons Why People Move to Rochester, NY

Folks decide to settle in Rochester, NY for a number of good reasons.  For one, the fact that the city’s economy is the second largest in the state most likely makes a big difference to those in search of a sustainable workforce.  Rochester may be ranked just barely below the city of Buffalo in GMP, but its per capita income ranking leaves Buffalo in the dust.  Because of this easily accessible job market, Rochester, NY is growing at exponential rates and offers extremely affordable housing, with an average cost of a single family home about $160,000.

Despite its booming growth and bustling streets, Rochester, NY was recently ranked “the most livable city” when compared to 379 other metropolitan areas.  Regardless of the large population, the city still boasts the nation’s sixth best schools and is considered to be one of the top places to raise a family as well.  The average summer temperature is a balmy 81 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter things cool down to a chilly but acceptable average temperature of around 36 degrees.  Between being able to find a job and having the ability to support a happy and healthy family year-round, Rochester, NY has earned every one of its positive marks.

Details of the City’s Average Demographic

The city of Rochester, NY is a melting pot of different races, religions, genders, and nationalities.  Because of its diversity, there are numerous different interests and various agendas being played out at any given time.  About 85% of the entire population of Rochester, NY is Caucasian or African American, the other 15% comprised of people of Asian or Hispanic descent.  In recent years though, the city has become a center for immigration, hosting numerous peoples from the following countries:


  • Puerto Rican
  • Eastern Europe

  • Poland

  • Jamaica

  • Turkey

  • The Caribbean

This exciting city draws people from all over the world because of its unique selection of businesses and educational opportunities.  Home of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the city of Rochester, NY actually had the largest per capita population of non-hearing citizens when it was surveyed back in 1997. As it stands today, half of the Rochester population is between the ages of 18 and 64, with an average age of just 31 years.  In addition, there are about 84 male citizens per 100 females in the city, making Rochester, NY a fun and interesting place to live for most people.

Things to Do in the Rochester Area

There are a lot of things to do with the new friends you make when you move to Rochester, NY.  The city is filled with various attractions and many of them are surprisingly affordable. The Rochester Public Market and the Village Gate Square are centers for successful merchant-consumer relations, and the area offers numerous stores and restaurants for shopping and dining.  The cityscape is breathtaking too, with the tallest building (the Xerox Tower) stretching up to reach a whopping 443 feet.  In addition, there is an impressive nightlife scene featured in Rochester’s East End district, and the South Wedge district has been an entertainment mainstay in the city for decades.

Tops Jobs and Employers

Finding a great job in Rochester, NY should not be a problem.  Some of the top employers include notable companies such as Abbott’s Frozen Custard, Kodak, Gleason Corporation, Western Union, Champion, and Bausch and Lomb.  Other popular jobs include working for Ragu, Genesee Brewing Company, and Bill Gray’s.  Those who take advantage of the boom population and lively atmosphere have the most success landing a career with one of these Rochester-based businesses.  However, the city of Rochester’s official webpage offers links to government services and assistance to those who have a hard time.