4 Tips for Selecting a Cryogenic Moving Service

4 Tips for Selecting a Cryogenic Moving ServiceLab managers, professors, and many other professionals rely on long distance cryogenic moving services to safeguard and efficiently transport their sensitive items. It is best to put in some time and effort to find a quality moving company that has a long record of safety, efficiency, and attention to detail. However, for some, this is a challenge that is easier said than done.

The good news is, there are some tips you can use to make this all-important decision.


Does the company you are considering using provide the needed equipment, or do you have to provide it? A quality cryogenic moving company is going to provide everything required to handle the move. For example, generators and 220-volt plugs are standard for these service providers.

Driving Records

An often overlooked important consideration is the driving record of the person who is going to be transporting the items. A quality moving service conducts a thorough background and driving record check on any potential employee – make sure to verify this. In most cases, items such as lab animals, body parts or even whole bodies can be extremely expensive or impossible to replace. Choose a company that only hires drivers with the best records for this move.

Insurance Coverage

Replacing items that a cryogenic moving service transports can be extremely costly. If an accident were to occur, does the moving company have adequate insurance coverage? Ask about this before hiring the company and require proof of coverage. Unfortunately, you can’t always take a person’s word for it. This will provide you peace of mind that your shipment is covered and protected, regardless of what may happen.

Proper Training

Not all moving services offer cryogenic transportation services for a reason. It requires specialty training. Make sure those who will be handling your items have this training before you hire them.

When you take some time to find the right cryogenic transportation service, you can feel confident that the process will be successful and hassle-free. To learn more, contact Champion Moving & Storage today, where you can speak with a team of experienced professionals who have years of experience in handling this type of cargo.