Twas The Night Before Moving Day

Twas the night before moving day and all through our home,
everything had been packed right down to the last comb.

The moving truck would be coming the next day we were told,
I still can’t believe that our house finally sold!

The kids are all saddened to be leaving their friends,
but we know there will be more when we reach the other end.

Out to dinner we go for our last night in this town,
and on our way home we do one last drive ’round.

Today we awoke to such a grand clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

The movers had arrived and were readying their truck,
but the weather outside was fit for a duck!

Better than snow I told myself for this tie of year,
as we knew the white stuff soon would be here.

When the loading was done and we sat down to breathe,
everything had gone so smoothly we just couldn’t believe.

We hop in the car and back out of the drive,
For what we all know will be a long ride.

We wave to our neighbors as we go down the street,
And are anxious to see all the new ones we’ll meet.

When we got to our home and the movers arrived,
They brought in our belongings and did it with pride!

The movers are gone and now it is unpacking time,
and I would hire them again at the drop of a dime!

Happy Holidays from The Champion Moving & Storage Team!